Work in Progress

Conference Presentation

2023/10  An OT Approach to the Inventory of Mid Vowels in Taiwan Mandarin. Presented in MidPhon at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, USA.

2017/06 Long-distance wh-movement and long-distanced wh-movement avoidance in L2 English performed by Taiwanese students. Presented at The International Conference on Doing Research in Applied Linguistics 3 / 19th English in South-East Asia Conference 2017 (DRAL 3/19th ESEA) in Bangkok, Thailand.

2017/06 Particular tone sandhi phenomena in mid-Taiwan accented Mandarin: Evidence from speakers in Nantou, Taiwan. Presented at Chulalongkorn International Student Symposium on Southeast Asian Linguistics 2017. in Bangkok, Thailand.

Research Report

2015/03 An analysis of English verb complementation in Taiwanese English textbooks in senior high school. Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Research Report (MOST 103-2815-C-260-021-H)


2018/08 Vowel Perception and Production by EFL Students in Taiwan

Advisor: Dr. I-Ping Wan Committee: Dr. Li-Hsin Ning and Dr. Shih-Ping Wang